You may think that social platforms and medicine don’t mix – if you’re performing surgery or practicing medicine, it’s hardly something that requires social marketing, right? Wrong! Social networks are the most-used internet activity out of all internet usage in the entire world.

Social media isn’t just for sharing cat videos. For companies, it’s about branding and presence. Your medical practice is a brand – whether you use that to your advantage in the marketing sphere is entirely up to you. The more your brand is out there, the more you’re recognized, and in turn trusted. It’s kind of like when you buy a new car – you start to recognize all the other cars just like it on the road, because you’re familiar with it.

At East End Marketing, we know the importance of gaining patients, keeping patients, and expanding your patient base, and we use social media as additional leverage in your marketing package.

How does social media help my marketing strategy?

  1. Increases brand awareness – which makes you more trustworthy.
    You can have the best product – or practice, in this case – in the world, but if nobody knows about it, nobody benefits it from it (and neither do your profits).Brand recognition breeds loyalty out of familiarity. When your brand is broadcasted often, your patient prospects become familiar with who you are and what you offer, and they feel safe in turning to you.
  2. Makes you accessible – so you’re perceived as reliable, which keeps patients loyal.
    One of the fastest ways to get ahold of customer service these days, especially with larger corporations, is through Twitter. When you’re on social networks, people feel like they can reach out to you for anything, big or small. Which means they’re likely to ask their random question to you via Twitter rather than call into another doctor’s office for an answer.Who do you think the person will think of next time he or she has a question related to something your medical practice handles? That’s right, you. Because you’re reliable and accessible.
  3. Improves and increases SEO and search engine rankings – which boosts your brand awareness and visibility
    Content is king, right? The more content related to your medical practice that you’ve got out there, the higher rankings you’ll pull in search results. Albeit, social channels are considered “no-follow” in terms of SEO, however, the initial introduction to your practice by way of social media will likely draw in future, return direct traffic. This return traffic leads to subsequent SEO benefits. It’s kind of like mixing paint – if you’re mixing blue and red for purple, if you keep mixing more blue in, eventually your color will be more royal blue than purple. Be the blue.
  4. Helps you monitor the social landscape – which gives you a competitive edge.
    Being active on social media means you’re “in the trenches” of the constantly-changing landscape of procedure-based trends (vampire facial? Cryo w/LED aka fire and ice?) and consumer habits. When you’re able to more easily better to your consumer than practices that aren’t as current, your patients and consumers just like you better.
  5. Values the customer – which means you care.
    Social media is consumer-driven. To be successful, you must cater your message to your prospective patrons – which means you’re valuing their input and views, which gives the impression that you value their wellbeing. People who believe you genuinely care about them will turn to you when they need a solution.

How to be successful in your social media strategy:

Establish an objective: is your purpose to connect to your customer or patient? To educate? To drive sales? To promote a new product or location? It’s a good idea to have an overall theme to your content – usually this theme will align with your company’s mission.

For example, many successful practices connect to their customers by simply providing good health content (which creates the impression of being a trustworthy provider); others by using platforms to keep updates on new services, products, or discounts. Congruency in your message is key – think of the biggest and best brands you know; they’re not all over the place with their missions and objectives – they’re easily identifiable across all content.

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As a medical provider, you’re in the business of helping people. Let us help you spread how good you are at it! Social media is most effective when it goes hand-in-hand with a comprehensive marketing strategy, inclusive of web copy, email automation, analytical tools, and more. Contact us today to see how East End can help expand your practice to increase revenue with social media.